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2022+ Jeep Grand Cherokee – 60/40 Split Rear Seat Covers


SKU: JGC1-2A (Jeep Grand Cherokee)
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  • Cab Type: SUV
  • Seat Belt: Not Applicable
  • Head Rest: Two non adjustable outside, One adjustable center
  • Arm Rest: Flip Down
  • Row: Rear


2022+ Jeep Grand Cherokee Custom Seat Covers

Jeep Rear 60/40 top bottom bench, with two non adjustable headrests, has an adjustable center headrest with flip down armrest.

*Installation Note* Rear seat bottom must be removed prior to seat cover installation. Two persons are highly recommended for removal and reinstallation of the bench seat.

To remove the rear bench there are 2 front latches releases that need to be pressed in order to remove the bench. The bottom of the bench is hooked onto a metal bracket which is attached to the vehicle. The bench must be lifted up and manouvered back and upwards to unhook the bench seat from the metal hooks. For ease of reinstallation, requires 2 people to realign the metal hook at the bottom of the bench to the bracket to reinstall the rear bench properly. Professional installation is recommended. 

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